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November 15, 2019

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Introducing the Monolith Quattro - the future of cryolipolysis!

March 13, 2018

It's safe to say everyone has something they'd like to improve in their body. Physical appearance is important to most of us because of its ability to make us feel good about ourselves. This is one of the reasons why we often turn to extreme dieting and even surgeries. An extreme yet popular procedure is fat removal via liposuction. It is a surgical procedure where fat tissue is removed from the body with the help of a thin tube (Cannula) connected to a vacuum pump. There are a few rather serious risks related to this invasive treatment such as:


- Hematoma

- Seroma

- Infections

- Internal tissue and organ damage

- Pulmonary embolism (fat gets into blood vessels)

- Skin burns

- Blood clots

- Unsatisfactory results (uneven end result)

- Death


In fact, several years ago Kanye West's mother died after complications following a surgical liposuction procedure. It was especially shocking because she was an affluent person in good health and in the hands of a professional who catered to many high ends clients in Hollywood. This only highlights the fact that serious complications, including death, are very real when people resort to aesthetic surgery.


Fortunately, in this day and age, there is no need to undergo risky surgery when you have much safer non-invasive alternatives available. Cryolipolysis is a non-surgical treatment that uses cold temperature for a prolonged period of time to crystallise and then break down unwanted fat cells. Fat cells have a much lower tolerance for cold temperatures and the process of cryolipolysis can start working at temperatures well above zero Celcius.


After the prolonged heat extraction from the fat tissue, large portion of the treated fat cells begin to warm up again and they go into a state of apoptosis (=cell death) which eventually destroys the cell membrane. The destroyed cells dissolve into lipids which are consumed by normal metabolism by natural pathways of the body and removed permanently over a period of 8 to 12 weeks.


Cryolipolysis is painless, requires no anesthesia or downtime, and is very safe. The cooling process only damages fat cells whilst other tissues of the treatment area are not affected. Because of its non-invasive nature, cryolipolysis has considerably fewer risks than surgical fat reduction procedures and very mild side effects such as:


- burning/tingling sensation (subsides within few minutes)

- red or bruised skin which resolves after time

- temporary tenderness & numbness

- mild abdominal cramping during the first night (extremely rare)

- itching of the treated area's


Because the evacuation of the destroyed fat cells is done naturally and gradually, the end result is usually better and more natural than in surgical liposuction. Another advantage patients experience is a decreased appetite caused by higher levels of blood sugar when the liver is converting the lipids into energy 24/7. This can help with unhealthy eating habits and control the otherwise excessive calorie intake.


Just remember that if your goal is to lose weight, you have to start with a better lifestyle. No surgery or treatment on its own can promise permanent weight loss. Since the remaining fat cells can gain up to 400% in volume, the old body dimensions can come back if you don't eat healthily and exercise. Cryolipolysis is intended for someone in relatively good shape with unwanted and stubborn fat bulges they'd like removed. It works best with isolated pockets of resistant fat such as the lower abdomen, love handles, saddle bags etc.


Why choose the Cryotech Nordic (CTN) Monolith Quattro™?


Monolith Quattro™ is a CE approved device which cools down fat cells in targeted areas where the goal is to remove resistant fat from the body by natural methods. The Cryolipo™ (cryolipolysis) process has been designed to remodel and improve the shape of the body and remove stubborn fat deposits.


Monolith Quattro™ machines have four applicators allowing 4 areas to be treated at the same time. This enables four times faster procedure times at much lower total costs when compared to other available technologiIntes. CTN Group has completed extensive research in cryotechnology and related applications which have helped CTN to better understand what optimal cooling levels and controlling methods are safe to achieve body contouring through fat reduction without any damage to the surrounding tissues or blood vessels.


Clinical studies have shown an average loss of 2 – 3 cm in the treated area after 1 - 2 months after the treatment when traditional cryolipolysis alone is used. To improve this somewhat slow process, CTN has developed a proprietary three-phase treatment protocol, which in most cases provide immediate results (2-6cm reduction in the waistline when four areas are treated simultaneously). This three-phase treatment starts with a lipo laser treatment which weakens the cell membranes of the targeted fat cells, followed by cryolipolysis and then finished with a powerful low-frequency ultrasound cavitation.


More than one treatment may be needed to achieve the desired result, depending on the initial amount of fat to be reduced. The final results of each session are usually attained after 3 months. The lipo laser and cavitation treatments can be done in between cryolipolysis sessions

to enhance and speed up the results. Cryoclinics and medispas using CTN equipment can provide all these additional treatments and they are usually included in the overall treatment plan.


Cryolipo™ along with an improved lifestyle can not only help you achieve the body you desire but accomplish it safer than ever before. To learn more about CTN and it's high tech product line, click here to read the previous article.




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