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November 15, 2019

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The new era of wellness & beauty

February 23, 2018

The wellness and beauty industry is not only massive but oversaturated with several options to choose from. Most of us are looking to enhance our appearance and wellbeing these days, and the age to start doing so is only getting younger. The majority of people aren't satisfied with traditional facials and other expensive gimmicks that promise a lot but don't deliver. At the same time, people are reluctant to go under the knife and for a good reason. The quest for non-surgical and non-invasive treatments are skyrocketing. Some of the most googled questions are "How can I get results without surgery?". Surgery is usually the very last option anyone considers because of the high risks and costs involved. So how do you obtain similar results without surgery? This is where Cryotech Nordic (CTN) comes in.


Cryotech Nordic is an equipment manufacturer based in Finland that focuses on Cryotechnology enhanced by laser and ultrasound. These technologies are used in several non-surgical health and aesthetic applications. Even though treatments can be non-invasive, you still want to make sure that they are of high quality, completely safe yet effective. CTN has an incredible state of the art product line with next-generation technology dedicated to wellness and aesthetics. CTN is leading the market with its visions and innovations, exporting to over 25 different countries around the world. 



So why choose CTN's equipment over others?





CTN has a unique team of experienced individuals with expertise in the aesthetic equipment industry, international business, and development. They have over 100 years of combined experience with advanced high tech solutions and developing cutting-edge equipment. The R&D team consists of both young innovators as well as seasoned professionals. Together they form a formidable force, capable of creating next-generation solutions without compromising performance or reliability. In order to further improve their resources and get access to the latest scientific data, CTN has formed an international team of medical advisers and consultants who form the core of CTN's scientific research team. 




An important element in any wellness or aesthetic related treatment is a qualified operator who knows what they are doing. CTN's machines are designed to be safe and easy to use, but after the equipment has been delivered to the end user, CTN or its distributor will provide training sessions for the entire staff. This helps everyone to understand the machines they are operating as well as the treatment process itself. This also minimizes risks to an absolute minimum when administering treatments whilst enhancing treatment results. 




"Cutting the edge, not the skin", CTN products are of high quality, safe and utilizing next-generation technology. Engineered and manufactured in Finland, each machine has a sleek and modern design, making a design statement no matter the