CTN ProWhite™ teeth whitening gel trays.


CTN uses advanced, single packed disposable whitening trays which are pre-filled with exactly the correct amount and strength of gel. The innovative design and high tech material (Crystal clear, ultra flexible silicate gel) and the efficient bottle nose prism in front of the tray, makes it possible to treat all surfaces of the teeth without uncomfortable mouth openers, expanders etc. 

The ProWhite™ prism lence reflects the accelerator's light beam 360 degrees and the client can relax and close his/her mouth for the duration of the whole treatment.

No gum protecting gels are needed. CTN teeth whitening system does not irritate the gums and it is also gentle and totally safe for the surface of the teeth. We guarantee good results, with absolutely no pain or post treatment sensitivity.

CTN ProWhite™ Gel Tray


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    CTN is a global high tech innovator and equipment manufacturer that focuses on cryo technology and their use in non-surgical health, recovery and wellness solutions. 

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