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CTN is a global high tech innovator and equipment manufacturer that focuses on cryo technology and their use in non-surgical health, recovery and wellness solutions. 

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Perioodil 07.03.2019  - 06.08.2019 viidi Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fondi kaasrahastamisel ellu projekt "EU53132 „Patenditaotlus". Projekt sai tuge EAS-i arendusosakute toetusmeetmest. 


Perioodil 01.02.2019  - 31.01.2021 viiakse Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fondi kaasrahastamisel ellu projekt "EU53091 „Välismessidel osalemine". Projekt sai tuge EAS-i  välismessi toetusmeetmest. Projekti eesmärk on osaleda messidel ja tutvustada oma innovaatilised CRYO seadmed Soomes, Saksamaal, ÜAE-s, USA-s ja teistes riikides.

Monolith Quattro

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Scientifically proven


Non-invasive fat reduction treatment.

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Sub-zero temperatures eliminate fat cells
in the body via CTN's fully automated
non-invasive cryolipolysis treatment.

Smart handles

 Powerful applicators that do all the work for you. 


Remote Support

Remote assistance and

diagnosis when you need it.

Simple Setup

No installation required. 


Four handles, four treatable areas simultaneously.

Nordic Design

Modern yet compact design.

Easy Control

Advanced software providing a fully automated treatment.


Enhance treatment experience

like never before.