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CTN is a global high tech innovator and equipment manufacturer that focuses on cryo technology and their use in non-surgical health, recovery and wellness solutions. 

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Perioodil 07.03.2019  - 06.08.2019 viidi Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fondi kaasrahastamisel ellu projekt "EU53132 „Patenditaotlus". Projekt sai tuge EAS-i arendusosakute toetusmeetmest. 


Perioodil 01.02.2019  - 31.01.2021 viiakse Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fondi kaasrahastamisel ellu projekt "EU53091 „Välismessidel osalemine". Projekt sai tuge EAS-i  välismessi toetusmeetmest. Projekti eesmärk on osaleda messidel ja tutvustada oma innovaatilised CRYO seadmed Soomes, Saksamaal, ÜAE-s, USA-s ja teistes riikides.

About Us

Company Profile

CTN Center in Finland is a global innovator and manufacturer 
of cryo solutions and their use in various markets.

We have 10 decades of combined experience with advanced high tech solutions and  system integration.

We have a team of experienced people with expertise in both high tech and aesthetic equipment industries and international business administration and development.

Our technology team is headed  by Jan Eklund, Ms.Eng and Juha Yliollitervo, Ms. Eng. with combined 4 decades of experience with advanced high tech solutions and system integration. 

CTN consists of both young innovators as well as seasoned high tech professionals. Together they form a formidable force, capable of creating breakthrough solutions without compromising performance and reliability. 


In order to further improve our resources and to get access to the latest scientific research data, we have formed an international team of medical advisers and consultants, who form the core of our scientific research.​

Medical Expertise

Dr. Timo Kylmälä
CTN Medical Director
M.D. Ph.D, Adjunct Professor

"It gives me great pleasure to introduce the 3rd generation
 CTN product line in cryotherapy and non-surgical aesthetics."

During my career since 1976 as a medical doctor and as a general surgeon since  1982 and later as a urologist, I have followed closely the birth and development of  mini-invasive procedures including Cryo, Ultrasound and Laser technologies. 

I have carried out thousands of surgical procedures, and seen how challenging invasive treatments can be and also learned to respect the risks associated with any surgery. 


Cryotherapy is a well established treatment method with wide variety of clinically proven advantages and health benefits. Whole body cryotherapy is an efficient and safe solution for health, wellness and sports recovery treatments.

I therefore welcome the introduction of these technologies as the non-surgical and safe alternative in variety of aesthetic treatments. No surgery can be carried out without the risk of complications, and since these new non-invasive modalities have proven both their efficiency and safety, I truly believe that the future of aesthetic medicine will be non-surgical.